Mission 3

Aya’s love

The party spots Joseph doing a magical performance in the middle city. He gives Aya a flirty wink. If the group stays to watch, he will ask her to volunteer for his next trick, which summons a Beast from another dimension and it attacks the audience and PCs. After the battle the PCs must decide what to do with the gnome. Is he responsible for all that pain or is there more than meets the eye? How will Aya react?

Hostage Negotiation

The town watch recruits the passing party for help. A group of cornered thieves have taken hostages and threaten to kill them unless given free passage out of the city. One of the hostages bears a striking resemblance to Corvus’s dead sister.

Vaugn’s report

Vanishing Money, Venom drinkers, Heresy


Karlsefni has been robbed of some of his most valuable treasures, and asks the Silver Falcons to recover them. He suspects sorcery, since the amount of treasure taken would require several men to carry, and yet neither he, nor any of his servants, heard any sound on the night in question. There is no sign of forced entry to the house, or the treasure room, both of which were locked. He will treat the party to a 3-course meal (excusing himself for the meager rations), where they will notice a large number of Crimson candles with gold scroll-work, the like of which none of them have ever seen. These candles were delivered by Teuila, who hired Hoanui to rob the place. After the meal the party will all be compelled to sleep.


The PCs come across a tavern where an artist is trying to trade one of his paintings for drinks. The painting is truly bad.

Town Cryer

Merovech is giving away 50,000 loaves of bread in honor of his 6 month anniversary in office.

The living Emperor has made a decree

A criminal will be hanged.

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