Elf adopted by humans with shadowy connections


Bartholomew is a master of reading people. Being raised by humans has left him with little connection to other elves. He is unsatisfied with his life, but bears it for the sake of his mother, which is his most important goal.

Age: 42 Height: 5’ 10 Weight: 140

Str: 10 Con: 10 Dex: 17 Int: 13 Wis: 8 Cha: 19
HP: 47 AC: 20 Fort: 13 Ref: 17 Will: 19

Insight: 12 Perception: 14

Skills: Arcana, History, Intimidate, Streetwise


Born in the city of Ebla to a young elf who could not take care of him, Bartholemew was adopted by Theodore and Gretchen, and raised in the human fashion. He adopted his father’s trade, alchemy, his religion, The Raven Queen, and his use of demonic magic. Bartholemew learned next to nothing about the cosmology of these powers, nor how his father had learned them, but he did learn to use them.

Theodore died in a fire some time ago (the great fire?), and Gretchen is too old to work, so Bartholemew runs the shop, and tries to keep a low profile.


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