Eugene is the spokesman of the three nobles who frequent Arjhan’s Tavern. He is rarely seen without his two friends, Lugovalus (Lugo to his friends) and Mabon. Eugene is the younger son of a rich noble who has moved into the city. He has no responsibilities or ambitions, and spends most of his days drinking with his friends and flirting with barmaids, and his nights attending social functions. He has no shortage of money from his parents to get him by.

Eugene is very social and typically friendly with others of his station, but can be very rude and condescending to rivals and commoners, though he doesn’t go out of his way to do so. Arjhan makes a lot of money off of him, and the two are friendly. Eugene also flirts a great deal with the barmaids, though much more so with Aurora. Gwynn believes he doesn’t find her attractive, but in truth it is because Lugo is secretly in love with her.

His older brother was good friends with Corvis when they were growing up.



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