First Marshall Gregory of Montforte is the titular head of the Arbiters, although he no longer has any direct responsibilities. Gregory is in his early sixties, and spends most of his time on his manor, though he is not a complete stranger to society in Ebla, and maintains contact with many friends and associates.


Gregory joined the Arbiters in his 20s and worked his way up the chain, developing a reputation as an honorable and dedicated man.

His son Viktor was killed while serving in the Imperial Army 10 years ago. The army found no evidence warranting an investigation, but the reports of Vaughn and Vash, the other members of Viktor’s Salustu, raised some suspicions.

Gregory was responsible for taking down a militant order of seekers with the help of a turncoat named Lazlo. His success earned him his promotion to First Marshall, and he used that status to garner a pardon for Lazlo


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