Order of the Silver Falcon

An ancient Order, originally founded with the mission of helping to assimilate newly conquered peoples into the Empire. Today its members seek to record and preserve history, and assist the weak in whatever ways the can. The order has two main branches, the Archivists and the Recorders.

The lowest level of Archivist is the Clerk, who does menial labor of filing and fetching for senior members. The clerks are not knights, and are considered to be in training. The next level is the scrivener, who copies old texts for preservation, as well as converting new records submitted by the Recorders into fair copy for addition to the archives. Chroniclers are the most senior general rank of Knight, consisting mainly of retired Recorders. It is they who are responsible for the compilation of the various records into volumes which may be of use outside the archives. Each archive is run by a Rector.

Recorders are the group most closely associated with traditional Knights. They accept assignments from an Administrator and record all their deeds to be turned in to the archives. An Administrator presides over a specific district and accepts petitions from whoever wishes help from the order, which he will assign to whichever of the recorders he thinks best capable of resolving the situation.

All the Administrators and and Rectors from a given area will form together into a counsel headed by the Master of the Order. In turn there is a great counsel made up of all the Masters (or more commonly their representatives) and headed by the Grand Master, who has his seat in the capitol, and presides over the entire order.

Order of the Silver Falcon

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