A band of thieves attempted to steal some treasures from the temple, but things went wrong and now they’ve holed themselves up inside a building with the loot and some hostages. The thieves are:

Lukas: Ringleader and spokesman. Lukas is calm and willing to work something out, as long as everyone gets out alive.

Keahi: (elf) “Flames”. Wild and impatient, Keahi would rather fight it out than negotiate.

Balaraj: (Dragonborn) “Strong”. Quiet and Patient, he will follow Lukas’s lead.

Delia: (female). Trusts Lukas, but might follow Keahi if things gets stressful enough.

They have taken 6 hostages, a fat balding man named Nevan is the only one who speaks aside from Tess, a scared noble girl who looks remarkably like Corvus’s sister.

Morgan represents The Watch and Trent the Temple Guard, who both have men on site, and each claim jurisdiction. Morgan normally just wants to go home without anyone getting hurt, but resents the Temple Guard. Trent feels the Watch are inferior, and does not trust them to handle the situation.


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